Club Ben.Essere

Complete solutions and treatments for you and your well-being

  • The Ben.Essere Club

    The island that exists

    In a world that is changing quickly, the utopia of the Ben.Essere Club, cultural and recreational association, is to present itself as a "space open to sharing".

    "Il Bene" and "L'Essere" are two categories of the spirit that have constituted, since ancient times, the fundamental elements of the reflections for the greatest philosophers, thinkers, writers, men of good will and faith.
  • Club Ben.Essere

    The place of utopia

    The "Club Ben.Essere" is a space to be lived as a "free port" or "place of utopia" where one "meets" who has the sensitivity of respect, without distinction of wealth , of race, of sex, of religious or political belief.
    It is therefore proposed as a place of good education, where "being good" with oneself and with others, to try to reach the status of "Bene-Stanti".
  • Attends the Club

    For exclusive and reserved moments

    The "Club Ben.Essere Domus Volumnia" offers the use of private spaces for reserved and exclusive moments of relaxation for anyone who wants to undertake a path of pursuit of wellness in all its forms.
  • Become "Bene.Stante"

    And realize your desires for well-being

    For the members of the Club bolds are made:(| "tailor-made packages") combining the various services: Overnight stays, day use stays, lunches, dinners, massages, personal SPA and all that is in your desires !!

    Your Club is waiting for you! Come and visit us or ask for information over the phone or at the reception.
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